My Story

Hello! I am so glad you are here! Let me introduce myself. I am Rebekah. I am a wife, mother, animal loving, coffee addict. I love all things positive and lots of sunshine!

I am committed to empowering women entrepreneurs and making life as simple and stress free as possible. As a business owner (and Mom) I know how overwhelming things can be when you have a never ending to do list!

Ever since I was a little girl playing office with my sisters, I’ve known I wanted to be an entrepreneur and help other women. I’ve also always know that I wanted to run a location independent business so that I could be there for the people who needed me. I’ve always wanted to live life on my terms. Today that opportunity presents itself by allowing me to assist you with the time consuming tasks that you no longer want to do. You are then freed up to do the things you enjoy doing again in your business or life!

Being able to help you and make a difference for you, is what makes me happy! 

Make sure to hop on over to the blog before you leave! Here I will be sharing Virtual Assistant information and other work from home things too!

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