What is a Virtual Assistant?

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A lot of business owners are not aware that virtual assistants exist, unless they work exclusively in the online space. A virtual assistant is someone who works to assist you and your business virtually. Virtual assistants can be utilized by any type of business, online or brick and mortar, that needs help but may not have the need or the ability to hire an in house employee. Also known as a VA- a virtual assistant can really be an asset to a business owner and their business. 

A VA can help a business owner to scale their business and save their sanity by taking over the time consuming tasks that limit the owner by dealing with these day in and day out.  Examples of these tasks could be email inbox management, data entry, document creation, proofreading and editing, social media, Pinterest management, and website maintenance. You get the idea, the list could go on and on. 

Some VAs offer general administrative duties while others choose to specialize in specific niches. Most assistants offer general duties when starting their businesses, then as time goes on and they discover what they really love to do, decide to niche down to offering specific services. 

Most people know right away that they want to work for themselves. So when starting out they choose to be independent contractors, some decide that they do not want the hassle of owning their own businesses. These people will start off by subcontracting with larger virtual assistant companies. There are pros and cons to each path, which we will go into in a separate post. But either way, there is plenty of virtual assistant work for everyone.

Virtual Assistant rates vary widely depending on the services offered and niches served. When just beginning an independent contractor VA can expect to be able to charge anywhere between $15 and $20 an hour. A beginning subcontractor can normally expect anywhere between $10 and $15 an hour. You must keep in mind that an independent contractor is responsible for their own taxes, which is why you will often see them earning more. 

Normally, whether working on your own or for a VA company, you have the ability to choose your own hours. Which is why this is a fantastic option for moms or anyone who needs to work around a family’s or someone else’s schedule. As long as you are handling your workload and meeting clients expectations and deadlines, this can provide you with a very flexible schedule. 

This basically sums up what a virtual assistant does and what they can offer a business owner. This can be a nice paying and flexible career for those looking to work from home or supplement their income online. What do you think about a VA? Let us know below.

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